Gravity Forms is one of the most popular forms which WP users use. But what makes gravity forms different from the other form builders?

Yes, The feature which they provide called Bulk Add/ Predefined Choices.

What is Bulk add/Predefined Choices?

While a form is been created we might want to provide multiple choices to the users such as  Countries list, Industry Type, Size etc. In gravity forms all of them are predefined.

Let’s look at how to add a Predefined Choices.

  1. You’ll find a toolbox in the right side of the new form page.

2. Add the Drop Down field Under Standard Fields category.

3. In Drop Down field you’ll find Bulk Add/ Predefined Choices Option provided.

By clicking the Bulk Add/ Predefined Choices option you’ll find many predefined choices including countries list.


By following the above steps you could add countries list in Gravity Forms.