Bringing the melody which goes through your mind is not a difficult task. We sometimes get an extraordinary tune in our mind and we find it difficult to sketch that in DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation ).
You might be able to play an instrument, Even though you would find it difficult reflecting the tune in an instrument or in a DAW.

The real secret behind playing any melody which comes through your mind is mastering intervals.
We could see a lot of musicians easily sketching out the melody which they hum or sing. Yes, that’s because they have mastered the intervals. As I said in my previous post intervals play a major part in music production.

What are the intervals in music basically? Why is it so important in making music?
The distance between the two notes is calculated using intervals. When you come to know the distance between two notes you could easily move to the next note. That is where we really get stuck. We stuck in moving to the next note and we really don’t know where the next note is. Its because we are not aware of where direction we must move to reach the next note. i.e forward or backward etc.

Let’s get into learning intervals.
There are two types of the interval.

1. Harmonic Interval
2. Melodic Interval

In talking about intervals, we use the terms unison instead of 1, and octave (8ve) instead of 8. We also say 2nd instead of “two,” 3rd instead of “three,” and so on. Intervals smaller than an 8ve are called simple intervals, whereas larger intervals (including the 8ve) are called compound intervals.

1 Semitone = minor 2nd
2 Semitone = Major 2nd
3 Semitone = minor 3rd
4 Semitone = Major 3rd
5 Semitone= Perfect 4th
6 Semitone = Tritone ( Augmented 4th / Diminished 5th )
7 Semitone = Perfect 5th
8 Semitone = minor 6th
9 Semitone = Major 6th
10 Semitone = minor 7th
11 Semitone = Major 7th
12 Semitone = Octave


By knowing these intervals, literally mastering it! You really know where the next note of your melody is. Practice each interval where you get to a point guessing the correct interval of a two random sound played. This makes you more creative because you exactly know that you are singing or humming. What else you need to gain musicianship?