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Lesson 1 revision:

Before going to lesson 2 let us just go through what lesson 1 had taught.

  • Pitch – Pitch in music refers to the highness or lowness of a sound.
  • Chromatic Notes – Including the black notes there are twelve notes: C, C# or D♭, D, D# or E♭, E, F, F# or G♭, A, A# or B♭, B. Those twelve notes are called as chromatic notes.
  • Accidents – # ( Sharp ), ♭  ( Flat ), X ( double Sharp ) , ♭♭ (Double Flat )
  • Notes and note values – Semibreve > Minim > Crochet > Quaver > Semi Quaver

Lesson 2

Staff Line

In this lesson, we are mainly focusing on the writing part of music. You would have seen artist writing music on the lines and spaces using the notations. Those are called Staff lines.

Staff lines consist of five lines and four spaces. Each line and space represents a note. Those notes changes according to the clef.

In addition to the staff line if any note is to be represented ledger lines are used.
Ledger lines are extra lines used after the staff lines.

Now, what is the clef?
Clef is the indication or a sign which represents the range of the note. When I say the range of the note, There are four types of the clef.

Treble Clef or G-clef

Bass Clef or F- clef

Alto clef or C-clef

  • Tenor clef or C-clef

Treble Clef:

In treble clef, The first line starts with the E note and the next space is F and the next line is G and it continues. Here the C4 is below the starting line i.e E. ( C4 is the middle C in the piano or keyboard ) .The treble clef is also known as G-Clef because the sign in the staff line starts from the note G.

Bass Clef:

Bass clef starts with the note ‘G’ and ‘A’ in the following space and next is ‘B’ in line and so on. Here in bass clef the C4 note is above the last line note A.Bass clef is also called as F-clef since it’s sign starts from the F note line.

Alto Clef

Alto clef is C4 note is placed in the 3rd staff line. when you look at the sign of the alto clef, It has a sharp bend which is placed in the 3rd staff line. That sharp bend is the reference point here. Because alto and tenor share the same sign. Alto clef and tenor clef is also called as C-clef because it’s reference point is C.

Tenor clef:

Tenor clef is much similar to alto clef since it shares the same sign and the alternate name. Here the sharp bend in the sign is placed in the 4th staff line. so the 4th staff line is the C4 note.

These are the four clefs used in representing the range in music writing. Commonly used clef is treble clef and bass clef.
Below is writing where all the four clef been represented.

Image result for treble clef bass clef alto clef and tenor clef

Grand Clef:

Image result for grand clef notes

Grand clef is the very commonly used combination clef throughout. Grand clef consists of the treble clef and the bass clef where each staff line is connected with a connecting bar in the beginning and the end.


In this chapter, we covered the main aspects of writing music. Reading the chapter twice or thrice will give a better understanding. do try writing all the symbols shown to avoid confusions. It is better to continue from the lesson one to here.