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Hey, I’m Ashwin Kumar. I’m a Music Producer, Pianist, and a web developer. I hold a degree in Computer Science Engineering. I’m learning music from my 8th  grade. Music had influenced me a lot. That is why even after completing my degree in computer science I wanted to bring my career in music. As a hobby, I design and develop website for people. To take it a step ahead I started a web agency company called Jupide – Full Design Web Design Agency.  

My music career

I started to learn music when I was doing my 6th grade. I went for keyboard class in a church where I used to have classes only on Saturday and Sunday for 2 hr. I pursued there for 2 years and completed the Trinity Grade 1 examination. That was the first victory in my music career. Later that year for my education purpose, we moved to Chennai city. The school I joined gives more importance to the arts. So enrolled me as a keyboard player there. They got me chances to perform in all over the schools in Chennai. And specifically, I got a chance of performing in one big TV event ( Vasanth ). I completed my 12 grade and I moved to college. I totally didn’t take any step to pursue music further. I’m a very big fan of A.R.RAHMAN sir. I was searching for a good place to learn music further and that time I found KMMC – KM Music Conservatory, Rahman sir’s foundation. As a diehard fan nothing would have been a better place for me to learn music right? I joined Western Classical piano one year course. After the one year course, i wanted to do another grade exam. But this time i choose ABRSM, The Ass. Board of the Royal Schools of Music and completed 5th grade with self-preparation. That was another big achievement in life for me. In between, I got many awards from places. The best performer of the event conducted my radio mirchi, Founder chancellor award from my college ( D.R M.G.R University and Research Institute )

The next year I wanted to do something bigger, So i joined  Russian Piano course in KMMC ( For concert purpose ). Russian Piano fetched me an opportunity to perform in Moscow Conservatory, Russia. That was one of the great experience for me in life. After that year I dropped performing and I wanted to concentrate on production. Music production was my ultimate goal. There is where I’m completed my 4-year computer science degree and learning to produce music. I’m currently learning how to produce music for a film, Commercials, Games, Trailers etc.

I started this blog to share the knowledge which I have in music especially. I wanted to help musicians who really struggle hard on a topic. I know how it feels where people don’t get the right resorces. So this place will be a better place for musicians to check doubts in music theory as well as production 

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